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5 of the Best Night Sky Watching Locations

There’s nothing quite like sitting in your backyard watching the stars at night. Maybe you have your own ritual where you enjoy a glass of wine or listen to classical music as you stare into the sky. You’re an unapologetic tried-and-true star-gazer.

However, your backyard is not the only place to worship the stars. The world is full of beautiful places to star-gaze.

If you’ve ever the opportunity to travel the world or visit another country, make sure you make a stop at one of these top 5 locations to watch the night sky.

Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama Desert offers one of the best views of the night sky. With its low light pollution and minimal rain, it presents the best tapestry for star-watching. The Desert has a plethora of observatories, including the infamous Paranal Observatory which contains one of the largest telescopes in the world.

Tuscany, Italy

During the 17th century, the well-known Italian astronomer, Galileo Galilei, developed his telescope in Tuscany. From this location, star-gazers can observe Jupiter’s sunspots, the Moon’s craters, and the Milky Way. A lot of astronomers have been known to hike their equipment to the top of the hills in order to increase their experience.

Namib Desert, Namibia

The second desert on this list located in Namibia has an entire 360-degree view of the night sky. If you plan on visiting the Namib Desert, make sure you bring a sleeping bag, tent, and some snacks because its location is far from any local communities.

Its absence of light pollution makes this one of the top spots to watch the stars. One of the main attractions in the Namib Desert is the Jewel Box, a cluster of stars located in the Crux constellation.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado is one of the most popular places to take a vacation. Although it’s known for its skiing and snowboarding, it’s star-gazing experience is nothing to balk at. With the higher altitude, your view of the night sky isn’t as prohibited.

While you’re in Colorado, go ahead and visit the many other areas such as the Chimney Rock National Monument, and the Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park.

The Australian Outback

Probably the best-known location to watch the stars is in the Australia Outback. With its dark sky and distance from the bright lights of the city, the Outback is the perfect spot for star-lovers.

The added experience of local residents sharing aborigine tails under the glorious backdrop of the celestial gods makes this location an out-of-the-world experience. From the Southern Cross to the Milky Way, you’ll be in star-gazing heaven.

Bryan Brammer